7 Awesome Reasons Why Beef Jerky Chews Are the Best for Dogs

7 Awesome Reasons Why Beef Jerky Chews Are the Best for Dogs

Are you wondering if you should get your dog beef jerky chews to reward good behavior?

Then you’d want to check our seven reasons why beef jerky chews are the best for dogs.

Just keep on reading. 

7 Reasons Why Beef Jerky Chews Are the Best for Dogs 

Dog chews come in many shapes, sizes, and types. Even for experienced owners, it can be challenging to pick the best ones among so many brands.

So, when you see a pack of beef jerky chews, it’s natural to wonder if they’re good for your dog. Human jerky certainly isn’t because it’s full of salt and other ingredients, bad for your dog’s health. 

However, beef jerky chews are the best for dogs, and we’ve got seven reasons to back our claim. 

#1 Natural Treats

Many dog chews look appealing until you read the label. Then you discover tons of additives and preservatives that can make your dog ill.

But beef jerky chews are a single ingredient treat. They’re made from dried beef and dried beef only with no extra harsh chemicals to upset your dog’s digestive system. 

High-quality beef jerky chews also use natural preservatives instead of artificial ones. Such beef treats don’t need any extra flavoring because they’re already irresistible to dogs. 

To ensure premium quality, most manufacturers also produce beef jerky chews from free-range, grass-fed animals. 

As such, beef jerky chews don’t contain any extra hormones that could be harmful to your dog’s organism. 

#2 Excellent Protein Source

Protein contains essential amino acids responsible for tissue growth and repair. Without enough protein, a dog’s entire system suffers.

Depending on their age, dogs need approximately 18-25% of protein in their diet from a high-quality, easily digestible source.

Both beef and beef jerky chews are an excellent source of animal protein. For example, some beef jerky chews have over 80% of crude protein! 

Moreover, beef jerky is easy to digest. That means that your dog gets high-quality protein from a small portion of beef jerky. 

As such, beef jerky chews are an excellent addition to a healthy dog’s diet. However, you should be careful not to overfeed your dog because excessive protein is as bad as a lack of protein. 

#3 Full of Nutrients

In general, dehydration is one of the best ways to preserve a product’s nutrients and extend its shelf life.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that high-quality beef jerky chews are rich in vitamins like vitamin B12 and B6. They’ve also got zinc, iron, selenium, and phosphorus. These are essential vitamins and minerals for your dog’s whole body. 

Some manufacturers also add omega 3 and 6 acids and other beneficial supplements to ensure maximum bone and joint health. 

#4 Low in Fat 

Besides their high protein content and nutritional value, beef jerky chews are the best for dogs because they’re low in fat.

Many dogs can’t tolerate food high in fat very well. As a result, they get diarrhea or other stomach problems.

But since beef jerky chews have very little fat in them, you don’t have to worry about them upsetting a sensitive dog’s stomach. 

Moreover, beef jerky chews are also low in calories. That makes beef jerky an excellent healthy snack for dogs with weight problems or dogs on a raw diet. 

Still, beef jerky has calories, and you should take them into account when you determine your dog’s daily portion. 

#5 Great for Dental Care

Beef jerky chews are one of the best for dental care because of their toughness and chewiness. 

When your dog chews on beef jerky, the motion scrapes plaque and tartar from the teeth. It also removes any leftover food between the teeth and massages the gums to increase blood circulation. 

Chewing also stimulates the production of saliva. Saliva acts like a cleanser that removes excess bacteria and prevents plaque from accumulating on the teeth. 

As such, beef jerky chews can be great for freshening your dog’s breath and maintaining proper oral hygiene when your dog hates brushing. 

Moreover, beef jerky chews are tough but not hard enough to chip a tooth or damage your dog’s mouth.

#6 A Safe Alternative to Bones

Unlike bones and other types of dog chews, beef jerky doesn’t splinter or crack into sharp pieces. It might seem a trivial feature, but it’s crucial. Let me explain. 

Sharp pieces can get stuck inside your dog’s mouth or get lodged in the throat. Even worse, they can pierce the intestine and cause internal bleeding. Scary, right? 

Fortunately, beef sticks are soft and chewy and are unlikely to damage your dog’s stomach or get stuck somewhere in the throat.

More importantly, beef sticks are easily digestible and are unlikely to block the intestines, even if your dog manages to bite a big piece. That makes them an excellent alternative to bones and rawhides. 

Still, you should observe your dog to ensure that they don’t choke on the treat, especially if your dog tends to swallow things without chewing. 

#7 Tasty

Last but not least, beef jerky chews are the best for dogs because they’re tasty. Most dogs love dried meat, and they go crazy for high-quality beef jerky chews.

As such, you don’t have to worry that your dog will turn their nose at these mouth-watering treats. 

However, make sure that you give your dog too much beef jerky. Treats and chews shouldn’t be more than 10% of the overall calories in your dog’s diet. 

Check the feeding recommendations on the label and adjust accordingly to your dog’s size and weight. 

How to Choose the Best Beef Jerky Chews For My Dog? 

To choose the best beef jerky chews for your dog, read the label and the ingredients. Ideally, you want beef jerky chews containing only beef with few if any natural preservatives, vitamins, and minerals. 

Avoid beef jerky chews made of by-products instead of human-grade beef meat or those with added flavors or artificial preservatives.

Specialists also advise that you avoid beef chews from China since they might contain dangerous chemicals.  


Beef jerky chews are excellent natural treats that your dog is going to love. They’re made of high-quality protein and are low in calories and fat. 

The only dogs that shouldn’t eat beef jerky are those allergic to beef. All other small and large dogs can have some tasty jerky from time to time. 

Just make sure that you feed your dog beef jerky treats in moderation and that you have plenty of water available. Beef jerky is dry and can make your dog thirsty.

What do you think about our 7 awesome reasons why beef jerky chews are the best for dogs? Does your dog like beef jerky? Tell us in the comment section. 

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