What Are the Benefits of Beef Tendon Chews for Dogs?

What Are the Benefits of Beef Tendon Chews for Dogs?

Are you wondering what the benefits of beef tendon chews for dogs are?

Then you’re at the right place because we’re going to talk about beef tendon chews and why they’re the best. 

Just keep on reading. 

8 Benefits of Beef Tendon Chews for Dogs

We all know how much dogs love to chew. But most owners don’t realize chewing is how dogs relieve boredom/anxiety, clean their teeth, and strengthen their jaws. 

That’s why having dog chews around is an excellent way to prevent destructive chewing and keep your dog off your possessions.   

But are beef tendon chews the right dog treat for your beloved pet? Let’s discover their benefits together! 

#1 All-Natural Chews

Some dog chews are full of artificial coloring, chemicals, and flavors to appeal to your dog’s taste. That’s why they often irritate the dog’s sensitive digestive system. 

Artificial treats also have low nutritional content and can’t sate a dog’s appetite, no matter how much the dog eats. 

Fortunately, beef tendon chews fall into the natural dog chews category. They’re made of a single ingredient –  100% naturally dried beef tendons. 

Usually, the tendons are air-fried, heat dehydrated or wood smoked to be more appealing to dogs. But most canines love beef tendons even without added flavors. 

More importantly, reputable manufacturers add no artificial ingredients and use natural preservatives to keep the beef tendons as healthy as possible. 

To ensure that you get the best possible beef tendon chews, look at the country of origin. You want chews made in the USA, Western Europe, Australia, or New Zealand. 


#2 A High-quality Source of Protein

Dogs need plenty of protein in their diet (between 18 to 29 percent), especially growing puppies. Fortunately, beef is one of the best protein sources for dogs, and the same goes for beef tendons.

Beef tendons have 36.7 grams of protein per 100 grams. They’re also rich in collagen, elastin, and glucosamine, necessary for bone and joint health.

Since beef is a high-quality source of protein, your dog’s body can absorb it better, even in small portions. 

More importantly, beef tendons are low in fat and calories. You can give them to dogs prone to obesity (in moderation) without worrying about your dog putting on pounds.  

The low-fat beef tendons are also easily digestible and won’t cause diarrhea, unlike other chews, high in fat. 

#3 Low Odor 

Have you ever noticed how unpleasant some dog chews smell or how greasy they are when you touch them? If that bothers you, beef tendons might be your solution. 

Unlike other chews, beef tendons don’t have a strong, pungent aroma. They might not smell like flowers, but it’s not isn’t so overwhelming and won’t stink your house.

Moreover, since beef tendons are low in fat, they aren’t greasy and won’t leave stains when your dog chews on them. 

However, if you notice that the beef tendons have a pungent odor, they’ve probably gone bad, and you should throw them away.

To reduce the unpleasant smell, you can also store beef tendon chews in resealable bags or keep them in a treat jar. 

#4 Tough but Chewy 

Do you know what tendons are? They’re thick connective tissues, which attach muscles to the bone. 

As such, one of the benefits of beef tendon chews for dogs is their durability. Your dog can have hours of fun chewing before they manage to soften the chew. 

Just be careful to remove any large, swallowable piece to prevent choking and keep an eye on your dog.  

#5 Improved Mood 

Do you know why dogs love chewing so much? It releases happy hormones. As such, beef jerky chews can improve your dog’s mood and relax them. 

Moreover, since beef tendons are tough, your dog will be distracted for a couple of hours and focused on their treats. 

That’s great for dogs with anxiety, especially when scared by fireworks and other loud noises.

#6 A Safe Alternative to Bones

While beef tendon chews are tough, they aren’t as tough as other chews. Raw bones and rawhide treats are so hard that your dog can crack a tooth when chewing on them.

Fortunately, beef tendons are malleable and won’t damage your dog’s teeth, no matter how much time your pet chews on them.

More importantly, beef tendon chews don’t splinter. That’s a huge benefit because it reduces the risk of something sharp injuring your dog’s mouth or intestines.

Still, beef tendons can break into pieces and pose a choking hazard. That’s why you should keep an eye on your dog and choose beef tendons suitable for your dog’s size. 

#7 Better Dental Health

Many dogs are prone to dental disease and can lose a tooth or two without proper oral care. But it’s not always easy to brush your dog’s teeth.

Fortunately, beef tendon chews can be more helpful than you can imagine. Thanks to their tough surface, beef tendons scrape away plaque and tartar from the teeth and don’t allow bacteria to accumulate in the mouth.

Furthermore, dogs need time to chew through a single beef tendon, and the more they chew, the more saliva they produce.

That’s great because saliva cleanses bacteria from the mouth and improves your dog’s oral health. The result would be strong teeth and less stinky dog breath. 

# 8 Teething Pain Relief 

Puppies go through a teething phase when they chew everything in sight. That’s because chewing helps alleviate teething pain and scratching that uncomfortable itch of growing teeth. 

If you have a puppy, getting some beef tendon chews can come in handy to prevent excessive chewing until your little one gets their adult teeth.

Fortunately, beef tendons are safe for puppies over four months old so that you can give them to a teething puppy with no worries. 

Since puppies have sensitive stomachs, make sure that you introduce beef tendons slowly in their diet. The chances of diarrhea are minimal since tendons are low fat, but any sudden diet change can upset the digestive tract. 


As you see, beef tendons are an excellent choice for dogs because they’re a natural product, rich in protein and low in fat. 

More importantly, beef tendon chews are a safer alternative to rawhides and other high-fat treats that can cause stomach problems in sensitive dogs. 

Just make sure that you pick beef tendons made of high-quality meat with little or no extra ingredients. 

What do you think about beef tendon chews for dogs and their benefits? Have you ever tried them, and does your dog love them? Share your experience in the comment section.

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