12″ Braided Beef Jerky Chews

Angus Beef Joint Jerky Dog Treat Chews, All Natural and Healthy Free Range Beef Sticks for Dogs

🌿 HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS DOG CHEWS: Free Range Grass Fed Sourced and a Natural source of Protein for dogs. They also Help clean dogs’ teeth and strengthen their gums. Gullet Sticks are a medium hard chew ideal for Puppies or Elder dogs as well.

✅ SAFE & NUTRITIOUS ALTERNATIVE TO RAWHIDE: Rawhides can cause blockages, deer antlers can break teeth and bones splinter, our 100% digestible Cow Ears are the safest substitute for Puppies, Medium and Large Dogs.


  • 4 pcs
  • 8 pcs

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🥩 JUST BEEF – YOUR DOG WILL LOVE: Supercan Jerky Dog Treats are Single Ingredient Dog Chews. Premium 100% Angus Beef Sticks

❤️ CHEWS FOR EVERY DOG SIZE & BREED: Supercan offers a Very large variety of Beef Jerky Chews. 3-inch Gullet Sticks ideal for Puppies, 6-inch Flat Jerky or Sticks for Medium Size dogs and our 12-inch Braided Gullet Sticks for Medium larger Dogs.

🐮 SATISFACTION 100% GUARANTEE: Your Dog Will Absolutely Love our Braided Esophagus 😋 – or we will Fully Refund you!


4 pcs, 8 pcs


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