4-7″ Junior Beef Tendon Sticks for Dogs


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What are Beef Tendons Chews ?

Beef tendon are cow and bull ligaments., These Beef Tendon Sticks are ligaments from the Bull leg ligaments. These single ingredient beef chews are an excellent alternative for Bully Sticks. SuperCan Beef Tendons are 100% Natural and have no odor, there are also a very thought treat, these long lasting chews will keep your dog busy for hours.

How are the Different from Other Beef Tendons like our 4-7 inch Achilles Tendons

How Long will a Beef Tendon last ?

All dogs have different chewing power, it all depends on your dog breed and aggressiveness to chew. 6-inch Beef Backstrap Tendons could last minutes, hours or days but they will definitely keep your dog Busy, Healthy and Happy.

How often should I feed my Dog with Beef Tendons ?

Beef Tendons are all Natural, Free Range and Grass Fed Cattle sourced which means they are a healthy single ingredient treat. We recommend feeding you dog one or two Backstrap Tendons a day.

What Other Healthy Treats could I feed My Dog With ?

We recommend Bully Sticks, Beef Tracheas, Gullet Sticks, Pig Ears, Pig ear Slivers and Cow Ears, please check our amazon store to see the complete portfolio of SuperCan Chews.

As a pet owners, we are always thinking of new ways to surprise our four-legged friend. If you are anything like us, you might want to buy a new dog chew for Buddy. Or you just want to save what’s left of your shoes. In either case, you can’t do wrong if you choose bully sticks.

While most dogs are crazy about them, you might be wondering if they are a healthy treat for your beloved pet. Well, don’t worry. I’m here to unravel the mystery behind these tasty sticks. What are bully sticks? Short Answer: Dehydrated Bull Pizzle, yes Pizzle.

Are they safe, though? To find the answer, let’s take a look at how bully sticks are made:

First, the bull’s private parts are cleaned, hung, and stretched. Then they get dried, oven baked or smoked. The result is a 40-inch long stick, which is then cut into smaller pieces – usually 6” or 12” to suit different dog breeds. You may also have seen our other bully stick shapes like the braided Bully Stick, Twisted Bully Stick, Double Knotted Bully Stick, Curly Bully Stick, Bully Stick Pretzel or Ring Bully Stick.

The conclusion is that bully sticks are a single-ingredient dog treat, which consists only of 100% beef. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients added during the production process.

You can safely give these treats to your pet and watch him devour them with joy.


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