6″ Junior Bully Sticks 100 pcs

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Supercan Bully Sticks are fresh Angus Beef Dog Chews free of fillers, additives or preservatives. 100% Natural Treats for Dogs. Free Range Grass Fed Beef for Healthy Nutritious and Delicious Chews for Puppies, Medium and Large Dogs.

What are Bully Sticks? Dehydrated Bull Pizzle.

Are They Safe for Dogs though ? To find the answer lets first see how Bully Sticks are made in our Production Facility:

First, the bull’s private parts are cleaned, hung, and stretched. Then they get dried, oven baked or smoked. The result is a 40-inch long stick, which is then cut into smaller pieces – usually 6” or 12” to suit different dog breeds. You may also have seen our other bully stick shapes like the braided Bully Stick, Twisted Bully Stick, Double Knotted Bully Stick, Curly Bully Stick, Bully Stick Pretzel or 5” Bully Rings. The conclusion is that bully sticks are a single-ingredient dog treat, which consists only of 100% beef. There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients added during the production process.

You can safely give these treats to your pet and watch him devour them with joy.

Bully sticks are not only an excellent choice for your pet because they are yummy (according to some dogs I know), but they also have many health benefits for your loyal companion. Let’s see what they are:


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