7-9 inch Beef Tendons

ALL-NATURAL CHEW STICKS: We believe your dog deserves the best long-lasting dog chews. Made 100% all-natural with only ONE ingredient. The process begins by using our premium free range-grass fed beef backstrap tendon. Delivered to our own food-graded facility, where it is cleaned with pure water and slowly dried to preserve its natural nutrients. It’s as simple as that!



  • Like all our SUPER CANINE CHEWS, our Beef Tendons are Free Range Grass Fed Sourced, process and packed at our own Production plant under strict FDA and USDA Safety regulations to ensure the Highest Quality and most delicious Treats for your Dog.
  • Beef Tendons are a high natural source of Collagen which is know to improve Dogs Bone and Joint health. Collagen for dogs may help to improve common health struggles like joint pains and arthritis.
  • They are a Low Fat Dog Chew while a High Protein Source, Single ingredient and Highly Digestible.
  • Beef Tendon Chews also Promote Dogs Healthy Coat and Skin by increasing the dermis collagenous levels, The dermis is the main foundation of your dogs skin and hair growth
  • SuperCan Beef Tendons will keep tartar and plaque off your dogs teeth improving their over all dental health.

SuperCan Bully Sticks Beef Tendon Chews for Dogs, Promoting Healthy Joints and Ligaments While 100% Natural. Premium Graded Free Range Grass Fed Sourced Beef – Grain Free Dog Treats.


10 pcs, 20 pcs, 40 pcs, 80 pcs, 100 pcs


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