6-inch Beef BackStrap Tendons (10 count bags)

(3 customer reviews)

100% Natural Tough Treats for Aggressive Chewers

Long Lasting, Single Ingredient & High Protein

for Happy and Healthy Dogs


  • LONG LASTING TAUGH CHEWS Like all Super Canine Chews, our BackStrap beef tendons are Free Range Grass Fed Sourced, process and packed at our own Production plant under strict Safety regulations to ensure the Highest Quality and most delicious Treats for your Dog.English Mastiff dog Breed chewing on a SuperCan Beef Tendon
  • Beef Tendons are a high natural source of Collagen which is know to improve Dogs Bone and Joint health. Collagen for dogs may help to improve common health struggles like joint pains and arthritis.
  • These all Natural Dog Treats are a Low Fat Dog Chews while a High Protein Source, Single ingredient and Highly Digestible and will actually improve your dogs over all digestion by preventing leaky gut.
  • Beef Tendon Chews also Promote Healthy Coat and Skin by improving the dermis collagenous levels that is the main foundation of your dogs skin and hair growth
  • SuperCan Beef Tendons will keep tartar and plaque off your dogs teeth improving their over all dental health.

10 pcs, 25 pcs, 50 pcs, 100 pcs, 500 pcs

3 reviews for 6-inch Beef BackStrap Tendons (10 count bags)

  1. Captain grouch

    These tendon sticks are a great product for the price! Just to be clear they are bully sticks so there is a slight smell to them. However it keeps my dog busy for a bit and she loves them! Will buy again!

  2. Thomas Harvey

    Gone in 60 seconds… A little pricey, but my dog loves these… My do goes thru one in under 5 minutes, but she is an aggressive chewer and a bit bull with exceptional bite strength.

  3. Customer

    Not too bad. Not too stinky. I bought these instead of bully sticks, but they don’t last my dog as long. I have a 50 lb labradoodle and she has it gone within an hour.

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