Super Snacks Dog Treats & Chews Variety Pack

(9 customer reviews)

SuperCan Dog Treats & Chews Variety Pack
100% Natural – High Protein – Vitamin A, B6, B12, Cooper, ZINC

What are the Benefits?

Will Boost Up your Dogs Energy levels,  Strengthen their Immune System, improve their Hip and Join Health & Naturally Clean their teeth.



😋  DELICIOUS MIX OF TREATS FOR DOGS: Super Snacks 2 Pound Variety Pack contains 6-inch Beef Jerky Sticks, Beef Liver Slices, 3-inch Beef Tracheas and Beef Tendons. All Free Range Grass Fed Sources.

✅  SAFE & NUTRITIOUS ALTERNATIVE TO RAWHIDE: Rawhides can cause blockages, deer antlers can break teeth and bones splinter, our 100% digestible Pig Ears are the safest substitute for Puppies, Medium and Large Dogs.

🌿  100% ALL NATURAL DOG TREATS: Supercan Pig Ears are made from Human Graded Pork with No Chemicals, Preservatives or Fillers of any kind. Our Pig Ears are Fresh, Slowly Oven Baked, Hand inspected and Packed at our Own Production Facility under USDA and SQF regulations. Your Dogs Safety and Satisfaction is always our #1 Priority.

🦷  HEALTHY TEETH & GUMS: Chewing our Beef Treats naturally stimulates jaw muscles promoting the removal of harmful plaque and tartar for whiter, stronger teeth as well as healthy gums improving dogs over all dental health.

❤️  As Dog Owners we know exactly how important it is to feed your dog with the highest Quality Treats, that is why at SuperCan Your Dogs Safety and Satisfaction are always our #1 Priority


1-Pack, 10-Packs, 2-Packs, 4-Packs

9 reviews for Super Snacks Dog Treats & Chews Variety Pack

  1. Mike

    I would buy a 10 lb if you had it!!!!!

  2. John McEntire

    A great combination of treats. I usually buy from my local Pet Store a few individual chews on my way out but this pack is a combo that has everything my dog likes. Products are great quality.

  3. Victoria D.

    AMAZING!! Great value for what you get!! Wish you could add an antler 🙂

  4. Sarah Lee

    A lot of great treats all in one. I was not really too much of a variety pack buyer because other brands would just exaggerate with the price. My vizsla LOVES IT!



  6. Ryan K.

    If you are looking for a good value pack – You found it! My Dog loves every bite of it and my wallet too 🙂

  7. Joshua M.

    I weight it and it actually weights a bit more than 2lb – with out the Bag. I´ve bought 3 of these already and last one had a Pig Ear in it witch was not on the previous 2 so I assume you kind of rotate the products and guess what .. My🐶 likes it

  8. Lisa

    Best Variety pack EVER!!!!

  9. Evagelia Paterakis (verified owner)

    My brother got this variety pack for my boys for Xmas. Range of dogs in household 17-72 lbs. There is something for them all and I love the high quality. I’ve been looking for natural chews for a while now and so thankful we got these. Just bought the 4 pack.

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