Cow Ears

Whole Cow Ears for Dogs

Great soft chews ideal for puppies and elder dogs. Cow ears are fully digestible chews naturally loaded with protein and vitamins that will stimulate your dogs jaw muscles and remove tartar from your dogs teeth. Supercan Cow Ears are Free-Range Grass-Fed sourced providing dogs with a free hormone treat.



Large and Thick Angus Beef Ears for Dogs. Tasty Medium Soft Chew for Puppies, Medium, Large and Elder Dogs.


✅ HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS DOG CHEWS: Jumbo Cow Ears are a high source of Collagen for dogs they also contain Proteins and minerals essential for your dog daily diet, They also Help clean dogs’ teeth and strengthen their gums. Cow Ear dog chews are medium hard chew ideal for Puppies or Elder dogs as well.

✅ SAFE & NUTRITIOUS ALTERNATIVE TO RAWHIDE: Rawhides can cause blockages, deer antlers can break teeth and bones splinter, our 100% digestible Cow Ears are the safest substitute for Puppies, Medium and Large Dogs.

✅ KEEPS ALL BREEDS CALM FOR HOURS: Cow ear Dog Chews unlike dog bones or rawhide treats are easy on your pups stomach, long lasting and fully digestible perfect for managing dog anxiety and behavior training.


100 pcs, 15 pcs, 200 pcs, 30 pcs, 50 pcs


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